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This is Daniel from Sweden.

I am trying hard to find my way with the clean pull.

I have 3 main issues.

1) I pull the bar with my arms after the bar moves around the knee

2) If I donít pull with my arms I often bang the bar with my hips


3) I often end up using my back as primary muscles for the lift. Instead of using my hips and quads and this causes me to piss my lower back off.

Here are two clips:

My main issue with these two clips(done last week so this is how my current form looks like) is than I end up leaning back too much when I catch/rack the bar.

Causing not needed pressure on my low back.

Best regards

Hey Daniel-
All and all not too bad! The first and most important thing that I'll tell you is that you need to be squat cleaning everything right now! Your set up looks pretty good, but try lowering your butt/hips just a little bit and this will help you lift with more of your legs rather than your back. Secondly, you do get a little bang off of your hips, but it isn't too bad. Be a little more patient staying over the bar and think vertical hips. We want a brush off of the thighs...not a bounce. A bounce will cause the bar to swing out. As far as the problem of leaning too far back when receiving the weight...squat cleaning everything will solve it! Also we want to be doing core work(back and abs) everyday to make sure we are solid when receiving the weight!