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Coach - I am five months beyond knee replacement surgery of the left knee and awaiting a repeat procedure for the right knee. While I am pleased with my recovery thus far, the surgery has effectively put an end to doing full oly lifts and squats. I can't jump, or go deep into a squat any longer. However, I have been doing lighter barski snatch, power snatch, power cleans with a PPress as rehab. My question is can I continue to use these lifts, albeit lighter than before, as a foundation for my work out regime? Since discovering the Oly lifts several years ago at middle age, and your site, it's been the foundation of my training, and I'm not enthused about the thought of switching to another form of exercise as the base of my work outs. Have you seen anyone continue to use oly lifts under similar conditions, and is this feasible?

Thanx much - David W.

Hey David-
Absolutely! You do what you can, with what you have, where you are! I have seen many athletes continue to Olympic lift with or after a knee injury, and for some, they are no longer able to do the full lifts but they still power and do what they can! So if you cannot perform the full lifts then do what you can (power or hang) and if you cannot perform a full squat, then you could try box squats. hope this helps.
Beau Burgener