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Coach when snatching heavier weight I always seem to finish the snatch on my toes and have a hard time staying on my heels when in the squat position. This forces me to go to my knees or lose the weight forward. How can I correct this?


Hey Joe- It is hard to tell exactly what you are doing without seeing a video, but my best guess would be that the bar is pulling you forward off the ground, then causing you to finish forward and early, therefore it is left out front and the reason you are on your toes. Majority of missed lifts are lost due to a problem that happened in the first pull, causing them to be out of position for the rest of the lift. Try working high hang snatches, then hang snatches and really focus on finishing not only up but also back. The hips must fully extend and go up and the shoulders to up and back! If this fixes the problem, then you have to work on your first pull/ground to the launch position!