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Good Morning Coach.

My name is Jonas Dahlin and I live in Sweden. I have been doing CrossFit for three and a half years, and have been following your CrossFit WOD for a couple of months now.

I am running a small garage gym and since I feel your CF WODs are great I would like to use them with my friends/members. Both as inspiration but mostly to learn from to improve my own programming skills.

The thing is that I feel that is it hard to squeeze the whole WOD into one hour. I read on your blog that you recommend splitting the WOD into two or three parts during the day but this is hard to do with a class.

So my question is really how would you alter your programming to be able to do your WOD in one hour and still get maximum value out of it? I have thought of cutting down from 10 sets to maybe seven or even five, but is this a smart way of doing it? I am trying to tap into your experience here to be able to learn more. Please forgive me if you think it is rude of me asking.

Best Regards

PS. I have signed up for the CF OLY Course in Finland in June. Will you be running it or will it be someone in your staff? DS

Hey Jonas-
For the strength, cutting down the sets is definitely a good way to get the WOD squeezed into an hour. Obviously, you will not get maximum benefit, but you must do what you can, with what you have, where you are. In fact, for beginners or masters lifters, I recommend that you cut the strength work in half and decrease the weight for the work capacities. You could also eliminate the core and/or speed up the warm up depending on your crew. Also, Yes, as of now, my dad is set to lead the course in Finland in June.
Beau Burgener