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Hey coach, I consider myself to be a pretty in shape individual, but the jerk makes me look and feel completely helpless. My jerk form has always been pretty awful, it's just a lift I couldn't fully grasp. I recently got some good coaching from a former crossfit games athlete I met, He was having me do split jerk from behind the head, I was looking significantly better and feeling great about my drive drop and lockout with no pain. I came back to the gym today about 4-5 days later and decided I wanted to do a little clean and jerk skill work so I warmed up my split jerk with the pvc in front and behind the head, then the bar behind head. When I practiced split jerking with the bar in the front rack position I felt a little pain in my shoulders but didn't alarm myself with it too much, I just continued to warm up. I put the lightest plates we have in the gym on the bar and split jerked from behind the head NO PROBLEM, as soon as I tried from the front rack position, shooting pain in my shoulders. It was to the point where I had to stop my workout. I have almost no shoulder pain from any other workout or technique I can think of. Just jerking from the front rack position.

WOW.....i am not sure what that is......i have heard about shoulder pain when one jerks from the behind the neck......where is your grip...width wise? i would like to see your the drive you dip forward then the bar goes front....that would put more pressure on the shoulders. if you get a chance and with a very light bar...pvc pipe video and send to me: