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Hi, I have doing crossfit for 3 years now and I have a big issue that whenever I squat whether it be front or back, my knees cave in when I am driving out of the bottom. I am pretty tall 5'11(female). What can I do/ work on to fix this problem? Thanks I appreciate it!

The knees caving in is a sign of weak glutes. There are two things I'd recommend:
1) Be extremely discipline on your squats and force the knees out as hard as possible. This will take some getting use to but after awhile it will become a habit. I used to have the same problem and this is how I corrected it. I also force the knees out in my snatch and clean starting position.
2) You can put a bank around your legs just above the knees and do squat this way. This will force you to push the knees out, and in a month or two you won't need the band any longer.