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Coach, huge fan! I am very limited by my front squat in terms of cleaning. I have a very hard time squeezing in my upper back to hold any weight over 300lbs in the front rack position without rounding my back and losing it forward. I think its a combination of lack of mobility/positioning and strength... any suggestions to start ironing this out? Thanks for your time and all you do!

Start by front squatting with perfect form. This means having your elbows up and out to create a platform for the bar the rest on, taking a big breath to generate a solid support, and stay tight in the core! Fight to not round your back and loose it forward. If I had to guess, I'd say that as you hit the bottom, you are collapsing, your elbows are going down and in, and you relaxed. Think down smooth and up fast. Do a TON of back and abs to build a strong core....this should be performed everyday! A coaches eye video will give me a better chance to coach you on exactly what I'm seeing.