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I'm from Spain. Sorry my english. Should I do the Oly workout and the wod for crossfitters? Or is it enough the wod for crossfitters to train the Oly?
I'm crossfiter.
Thanks a lot

The Olympic lifting workouts are for athletes who are dedicated to Olympic lifting and are looking to compete in the sport, so if you are a CrossFitter, the CrossFitters WOD should be plenty. Between the strength Tuesday and Thursdays and the daily work capacities, there is quite a bit of Olympic lifting, and strength movements. With that said, if you feel that you can do more without overtraining and your body breaking down, I'd train 2-3 times a day. There would be an Olympic lifting session, work capacity/CrossFit session, and endurance/sprint session. Each session would be short and sweet (30-45 minutes), and the reason for doing this would to maximize the quality and intensity of work done.