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i play lacrosse, i am 16, and need to know how i can get stong, but stay light and get faster at the same time. My step dad jack D lol( the one in the 1st comment is acctuly my step dad) and he told me about you and said that you know your stuff. and i was just wondering how to get faster, and stronget at the same time

jack d??? tell me more! the one in the first comment??? what does that mean??? how to get stronger, stay light, get faster??? sure----work your butt off by olympic lifting, running sprints, getting better at your sport by practice! kick butt and take names.....its about attitude!!! lacrosse is a serious sport that requires skill, speed, functional strength, and agressiveness!!! practice that way....functinal strength for lacrosse is about rotational strength, core strength and making the body 1 piece!!! if you do not know the olymic lifts i encourage you to go to a coach who does and who can teach y ou.....i encourage you to go to: and study that site....i also encourage you to to to and study that site....amazing stuff. at almost 60 i am still learning!!! be the same way!! coach b not hesitate to contact me and to stay in touch....IF YOU DARE!!!!