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Hi Coach,

I've been working on Power Clean technique over the past couple of weeks. I feel like i've made strides in the right direction, but I still feel as if I'm struggling with the second pull.

The video below is at a modest 75kg, I failed on rep 3 due to the bar hitting my knees, as you can probably hear in the video.

Would you be able to pass comment on my form please?



All in all you have great technique. Your starting position and speed are awesome! A few things after watching the video. 1). Remember we jump for speed not height. Especially on the first power clean you are jumping a bit too much. 2) At this point I'd be squat cleaning everything!!! The reason you missed the third one is not because you hit your knees, its because you didn't stay tight when you received the weight. You must strengthen your core and use it while lifting. 3) Your pulling a little too soon with your arms. Remember that "the power ends when the arms bend". You must pull yourself under the bar...meaning that the shrug happens when you are moving under the bar. You have to have the mindset that speed and explosion are everything. Keep up the good work and remember perfect practice makes perfect.