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Hey Mike, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit I am relatively new to strength training and just started high bar squating but have a hard time to keep a nice upright bottom position. I am fairly flexible but have very long femurs and a shorter torso. So my question was what are your thoughts on say highbar squating with a wider stance not sumo style 2" or so past shoulder width? Or would you recommend somthing else thanks Adam

if you want the squat to help your lifts you have to use the same stance that you use when receiving the snatch, the clean. i teach the 3 fundamentals of teaching/coaching as being the stance, grip, positions. the stance then has a pulling position and a receiving position. that receiving position is what i am talking about....i even go as far as saying for beginners i try to get them to think: pulling, pressing, jerking position are the same and the landing/receiving position is: the sn and clean are the same and the bs, fs, ohs are the same.....hope this helps.