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Hey coach, im 20 years old around 160lbs...i started crossfitting a year and a half ago and want to be a great athlete. I have taken a special liking to the OLY lifting of course but to be competitive i need to get on my fifth week of the Hatch squat program and i love it but other than legs what are things to do to really get my strength/technique up without losing my metcons totally? this is a common question im sure but i have the will for some tough stuff to become the best i can be, thanks

after watching the games this year i am convinced that one can do it all!!! look at the winners....they lift heavy weights and still do a ton of met con. they are also very strong, fit and have good technique in the lifts. following the hatch program is a good start and so is the russian squat program. i encourage you to try programs and see if they work. keep copious records and determine by journaling what works and what does not work. i believe in strength, power, and technique. for me i encourage all my people to do the following daily:

1. junk yard dog (its a met con that if done daily will make one see the white buffalo in the sky)
2. burgener warm up
3. skill transfer exercises
4. high hang sn x 3
5. mid thigh sn x 3
6. lift offs to the mid thigh x 3

after this do a met con whatever it is......on day 2 work snatch, day 3 another met con, day 4 rest, day 5 work cj day 6 met con and day 7 rest.

week 2 do 3 oly workouts and 2 met con.

hope this helps,

coach b