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using the example: pwr clean+hang clean+clean work up to 65% x3x2 sets, 70% x 3 x 3 sets. does this mean I a.) do the entire sequence of a pwr clean, hang clean, full clean all w/out setting the bar down, 3 times, for 2 sets, or b.) 1 time for 2 sets. I guess where I'm confused is on what exactly "x3x2 sets" means in this case. Is each lift itself one rep, or is the sequence of 3 "one rep"? thank you, and happy 4th!

Answer "B" is correct. A power clean+ hang clean+ clean equals 1 set. So 3x2 would be 2 sets of 1x power clean, 1x hang clean, 1x clean. Also you drop the bar between reps, just don't take more than 3-5 seconds before attempting you next rep. Hope this helps.