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Hi coach,

Firstly, thank you for this website and what you do its such a good resource. I used to be a powerlitfer but have recently moved to olympic lifting. I seem to have real difficulty getting under the bar, especially on the rack on the clean. I have a 160kg front squat but my best full clean is 110kg. I always seem to lose the bar out front. I think my flexibility in my shoulder and wrists maybe lacking. What would you recommend to improve this?

Heres some videos of me lifting,

A stupid fail:

Thanks for your help and your time,

your ankle, knee, hip flex is all you have to do is practice moving quickly and confidently . for starters i would widen my grip....that helps the turn over speed. next i would work 3 positions. high hang (standing straight up and then with a short straight dip shrug under bar into a front sqt.) then the hang position and the floor. do not ever (at least for 5-6 mo. pwr cln) only do full cleans. this will help you a ton.