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Hi Coach,
I am familiar with the Burgener warmup. However, I have some clarification questions.

1. How many times do you recommend repeating the entire circuit?

2. For the Burgener warmup would you recommend using a wooden dowel or a standard olympic barbell?

3. For the skill transfer exercises, would you use a wooden dowel or a standard olympic barbell?

4. How many times is the JYD circuit repeated? I believe it may be 3 but I am uncertain about this.

I appreciate it,

It is your call on how many times you repeat the entire circuit. I'd say 1-3 times but it's your call and depends on how much you need to get warm. For the Burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises, if you are experienced than I'd say to use a bar, but beginners should stick with a dowel. The answer to your last question, again id recommend 1-3 times through for the jyd. What i like to prescribe for a warm up would be 3 rounds of a 250m row, Burgener warm up, junk yard dog. Hope this helps and remember than warm ups are to prime thebody for the upcoming workout, not wear you out.