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I have been focused on rising slowly, remaining patient, and staying over the bar to keep the bar close to my body on the initial pull off the ground before exploding into the 2nd pull. However, I have yet to consistently make slight contact with my thighs. Could you suggest some drills that wiill help put me in the optimum position to start the second pull? Thank you.

It is extremely important to engage the lats and pull the bar back into your body as it passes the knees and you begin the second pull. It sounds like you realize/understand this, but you cannot make it happen. Some good exercises would be halting deadlifts, which is a deadlift to just above the knees and then pause briefly. This is a great exercise to make sure you are getting into that proper position off the ground before you initiate the second pull. Another exercise would be cleans off the blocks. When cleaning off the blocks, it puts you in a position that makes it mandatory to stay over the bar, hit high on the thighs, and pull it back in. It also focuses on aggressive second and third pulls. Lastly, try 3 position snatches. 1 from above the knees, 1 from slightly below the knees and 1 from the ground. Make sure that there is consistency in your technique with each position. Hope this helps and keep drilling the movements.