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Hi there,
first off Iīd like to thank you for this site and the programing on it, itīs great and just what I needed, itīs helped me alot.

Iīve been focusing on my squats for a while now so my clean is getting alot better and so is my snatch but the jerk is lagging behind (c&j 107 kg, clean 120 kg, snatch 95 kg). My problem isnīt getting it overhead, the dipanddrive is easy and I find no problem in getting into an ok position - but my back gives away and I hyperextend, which isnīt very pleasant.

So Iīve been trying to do backextensions and deadlifts to try and work on my erectors as well as my abs - do you have anything else to add, that I could try to fix this??

Thank you for the anwer

first off i am sure your footwork on the jerk is off. more than likely you are driving your back leg back too far. this forces you to push your body away from the bar. if you send me an e mail i will send you a handout that we use at my certs to work on footwork. in the mean time i would start doing jerks from behind the neck and go heavy....heavy more than 4-5 sets of 1 and get up to your heavy wt. soon. this builds confidence!!!

good luck,

coach b

btw...m y e mail: