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Hi Coach!I am a spanish(Madrid) beginner in oly lifts.I've been crossfitting for a year and now I have built a little home gym consisting in a barbell,bumpers and a home-made rack.The scheme that I am following is,Monday-Wed-Fri Metcon and Tuesday-Thursday oly.I train at an affiliate on Mondays and the oly session of thursdays.On tuesdays,I am doing the Saturday's wod of your site.My question is:┐How much sets do I have to do to get my max snatch,c&j and front squat for the day?I have been doing about 6-7 singles of each lift,which takes me about an hour of training in total.┐Is it ok?
Thank you very much for your advice!

one normally takes more warm ups in the snatch: bar, bar, bar, x 3, x 2, then 1's...for about 2-3 sets....then you should hit a pretty good single and up it from there.

in the cj take only 4 sets to get to your start.

good luck