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Hey Coach,

What is your stance on Knee wraps/ braces when performing Olympic lifts? I notice that some athletes use them in training and not in competition. Others use them at all times, but the majority of lifters that I have seen do not use them at all. Are they something that should be used only for injured knees? If used, should they be wrapped tight like they are in power lifting?

Thanks coach!

if you train with them to keep the knees warm that seems to be ok.....of if you choose not train with them and then add them to your meet conditions....they seem to give you a boost....but that is purely subjective. if you are not using them....then i would tell you not to start unless you want to keep knees warm. wraps are not to be worn for tightness or want full range of motion and looseness in order to move swiftly!!

hope this helps.