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Coach thank you so much for this site. I have been following the Wod for a month now and am very happy with the gains I've been making in my oly's. In the 2 position clean I sometimes miss at 80% from the mid-thigh. I am able to reset quickly and easily manage this weight from the floor. Is this the correct procedure or should I scale the 80% down to where I am making both lifts? Should I not count that rep and attempt it again? Thank you in advance for your help, you are a coaching hero of mine and a true inspiration.

you should reduce the weight. something is going on, probably you are pulling with your arms on the mid thigh position. that is a very strong position and most of the time several lifters can do more from this perfect hang position than the floor. keep working that position and try hard to duplicate that mid thigh position when you take the bar from the floor.

remember: slow is smooth, smooth is fast!!!