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Hi Coach,

I am a high standard crossfitter, and my biggest weakness as the moment would be my snatch, clean is about 300 pounds, but my snatch is only around the 200 mark. My question is this, I have tremendous difficulty in applying the hook grip as I have small stumpy hands and when i try to apply the hook grip i do not get a good grip what so ever. Is it a necessity to to get to the 300 pound mark as that would be my ultimate target as a crossfitter?

Thanks coach.

100% of the worlds best weightlifters use the hook grip. why? because of the requirement of high speed. strength is not the issue....its the speed of the movement that causes the bar to leave the hands during the lift. i had a lifter one time grow fingernails on his thumb in order to get a hook grip. my lifters are required to use the hook grip ALWAYS.