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Thanks for all the instruction you provide. Itís a huge help to people trying to learn and improve. Apologies if youíve answered this question somewhere on the site and I missed it.
I have been doing oly lifting for 6 months now so I am still a beginner, but I love oly lifting so far. I am having a hard time getting my butt closer to the ground during my clean and front squat. Near the bottom in order to go low I start to feel like I need to either a) lean my torso forward where I risk losing the weight forward or b) sit so far back on my heels I feel like Iím going to fall over backwards. I work on front squat a lot and continue to have this issue. This happens even when I use virtually no weight and just front squat trying to keep my back very upright. I seem to be more stable when I move my stance out somewhat wider but wonder if at some point itís getting too wide.
What do you think the problem is? I have been wondering if itís lack of calf/ankle flexibility so Iím working on that but Iím not sure. What do you think? Would your answers change if I told you I have relatively long femurs?

much of the same problems many athletes that have long femurs deal with. however check the angle of your shin during a squat. the more upright your shin (perpendicular to the ground) the more you will lean forward.....i use two cues: a. bring me your hips--start slowly moving your hips forward while in the 1/4 set position...sqt deeper slowly and continue doing this. check what this moves your knees out over your toes....puts the shin in a more angled position....this is what gets your torso up and perpendicular. the ankles knees hips need to be flexible and this is how i get my athletes in that position. has to be done daily.

good luck