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Very similar situation to the last question. I am falling in the love with Oly lifts and want to continue to improve. I also want to be well rounded on the metcon side of the house for my career (law enforcement). Just having trouble working the program out. Time is at a premium with a young family, but I have been squeezing 6 workouts into an 8 day work rotation.

Coach, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

you will h ave to do some workouts to find out what i am talking about but:

do the junk yard dog the burg warm up the snatch skill transfer exercises daily....this takes about 5 min....but done daily will get you in terrific condition. now with that day 1 do your met con, day 2 do snatch work, day 3 met con, day 4 rest. day 5 work cln and jerk day 6 met con, day 7 rest.

wk 2: switch it. day 1 do sn work, day 2 met con, day 3 cln and jerk work, day 4 rest, day 5 met con day 6 work snatch and clean and jerk, day 7 rest.

this works great!!! try it for 6-8 wks and tell me what you think.