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Coach B, I've been a "casual" CrossFitter/lifter for almost 2 years now, and I'm still stuck on an inconsistent 115# Sn. I've been tossing the 3rd pull out too far, which causes me to miss forward a lot when going over 95#. I've keep m grip with my index finger just outside the marks. My coach just had me widen my grip by almost an inch on each side. Despite it feeling extremely weird (my starting position is lower) would this help keep the bar path in on the 3rd pull? It certainly felt like it was smoother, once I got over the new stance.

Thanks in advance,


have you been doing the burgener warm up?? if you haven't i would begin doing it daily and using that warm up to focus on each of the movements and why we use them. the 2nd movement is called: down and up + elbows high and outside.....i do this to focus on keeping the bar close to the body on the 3rd pull.

try might like it.