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Hi coach.
When I do ohsq or snatches for multiple reps my wrists hurts quite bad. More than 10 unbroken hurts like hell. It doesn't seem like this problem will go away by just doing the movements. Any suggestions?

I don't have any videos to post, sorry. But I try to rotate arms externally and contract shoulderblades. I used to have really bad mobility in shoulders and thoractic spine, but I have been doing lots of dislocates, wall slides and rolling on a tennisball. So now the shoulder mobility is at least not apalling.

Thanks for all the good work you are doing with this site and your seminars.

REMEMBER.....U R TALKING TO A PUREST! i would tell you to cut down on the reps....if that is not an option and the pain becomes un-bearable i would then use wraps. i would use them as a very last resort.

keep working....try cutting back reps and see if that helps.

good luck