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Hi coach, great site you got here.
I've been doing rippetoe's starting strength for about a month or two, and I'm 16 yrs 145 lb 5'9, squat 225x5 dl 250x5 pcl 120x3 ... But now I really want to get into oly weightlifting, such an exciting sport and benefits for my xc running, wrestling, and track/field.
Right now up to September I can go to the gym on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and then starting september, Mon Wed thurs sat Sun... races usually on Wed and sat so it might be too late to go to gym. Is there a program you would suggest that would be suited for me, having to fit in the running right now (more sprints + plyo in summer)? And what weight should I start out at and add to for progression?
Also, I have no trouble getting deep in front squats (although low back curves a little) but ohs gets shakey and its hard to get down below parallel. Is there stretches you would suggest for ankles, hams, etc. I have art/mfr and do foam rolling right now.
And would the best option to learn without a coach to do the burgener warmup and watch videos? I have the Strong as an Ox dvds too.
Last, for the jerk, how do you determine which foot leads? I'm right handed but left foot out feels more stable, should I keep doing it this way?
And also, sorry, is there any way to drop the weight after a lift without making a huge boom?
Thank you so much, very appreciated!

range of motion before strength, body wt exercises before barbell exercises. that is what i say to all my younger athletes. the butt wink can be caused by tight work on that. only go as low as you can without that butt wink. ankle knee and hip flexibility is critical. keep working those joints for mobility. i would suggest you contact or go to kelly starrett site and look for mobility exercises.

if your left foot feels more comfortable you have found the correct foot forward on the jerk. i normally tell my kids to do a long lunge with the back knee on the deck....that foot that AUTOMATICALLY goes forward when you without thinking about it step.....that is the foot.

dropping wt. is part of oly lifting that is why we use bumpers....get use to it.

good luck!!

coach b