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Let me start by saying thanks for reading this email and any help
would be much appreciated! I used to be 250 pounds and i am a 4 foot
11 female which effects my relationship with food to the point i am
completely anal over it and may not be eating enough as a competitive
oly liter. I am a female competitive olympic weight lifter in the
washington state area. I had a few question in regards to diet and oly
lifting. Right now I am eating 14 blocks of the zone paleo diet which
is a 40-30 30 split of macro nutrients. I have fully adopted this as a
lifestyle and weigh and measure everything so thereis no issue with
cheating or eating anything extra i EAT PAEO!!! I would like to make
my diet more of a
weightlifter diet than someone that is trying to lose weight as i
formerly was (although i weight 56 kilos and want to get down to 53's
before next 8/27th comp) but I have lost 135 pounds and gained muscle
but need to get my BF down more and eat to support the heavy training
I am doing which is pretty heavy for about 3 hours per day 5 days per
week. I have stopped crossfitting as not to hinder my lifts i fought
this tooth and nail for a LONG time!
I have been competing for the last year and a half and I really want
to go to nationals next year! What do you tell your athletes to eat
do you
have any advise. I literally looked all over the net for answers and
cannot find any!! Can you help PLEASE!! I am so frustrated I am about
to throw my hands up and give up on oly and dieting although I love it
very much!!


where in washington state? who is coaching you in the lifts? drop me an e mail: and we can talk a bit more. my daughter sage is a former competitive lifter and is really dialed in on diet and nutrition.

good luck,

coach b