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Hi Coach B,
I learned O Lifts the way that you advise - with the weight as far back on the heels as possible. But, the coach I'm working with now, says that it's better to keep the weight on the balls of the feet, with midfoot being the farthest back that your weight should shift. He feels this imparts a better bar path. I'd never heard of this, but did some research and found that Bob Takano also advocates keeping weight on the balls of the feet more because it will have a better transfer to how you move explosively when playing sports (for football, basketball, volleyball, etc). When I keep my weight to the balls of my feet, I definitely feel more work on my quads and calves, but I tend to miss more often. The coach I'm working with now says that's because I just need to lower the weight, and get stronger in this technique first. What are your thoughts in this line of thinking?
ps - I mostly use the OLifts as part of my lifting program for basketball

lots of ways to skin a cat....when i address the barbell at the the beginning of the lift...i am in fact on the balls of the feet, but as the bar lifts off i shift to my heals....i do this because i want to stay back....i do not want that bar controlling having said this, bob takano is a great coach....he and i just differ in our ways of teaching.....that is all. take all you can and use what you like and leave the rest. if you send me your e mail address i can show you several olympians that stay back on their heals at mid thigh. is my e mail address.