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Hi coach,

I want to increase my muscular bodywwight while increasing strength so i was thinking of doing sets of 5's for a while, my questino is, do you think that doing 5 sets of 5 across 3 days a week would interfere with your snatch/clean and jerk training, would you use less sets when using reps of 5?


for me personally i would never do 5's in the Olympic lifts. 2's and maybe 3's i would do....but i mostly do singles. if i were to use what you are suggesting i would have a goal like yours but i would also do the lifts 2 x per week. 1 day practicing the snatch and the other day the cln and jerk. on those 2 days i would do multiple sets but would work on speed and technique and not be concerned with lifting heavy weight.

coach b