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Hello Coach
I am 5'1'' and 140lbs. back to crossfit after a 3 months hiatus due to work. I have already lost about 20-25 lbs since i started CF a year ago. I am completely taken by OLifts and want to keep CF while focusing on OLift techniques and training more. My issue is that I see my weight loss has stoped at 136. then i gained 4 lbs in the past three months without CF. I am getting conflicting information on nutrition for my body now that i want to keep improving my Olifts. I have been told i need to loose my BF more (about 14% less than what i have now) while gaining muscle and strength. However, some have said i need to UP my carbs intake and protein, while others recommend i up my protein and lower my carb and fat. I don't know what is needed or better for my body and my goals.
I am on a primal diet which i follow about 90% of the time. I have tried eating 6 meals a day of 4oz of protein each plus 8 or more oz of veggies each time, plus protein shakes once or twice a day.
I am so confused and my body seems to be in the same mode, as it doesn't go down or up on weight or body fat reduction.
any input you can give me please? thank you !!!

i like robb wolfs stuff. we eat paleo in this house....meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, very little sugar...and some maybe a few strawberries..or blue berries....we take a ton of omega 3's....i would say up your like 6 oz of so.....but i am not a do you feel? i would for sure not drop my fat reduction especially if you are a crossfit athlete.....also what are you goals?? have you completely given up crossfit workouts?