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Hi Coach, a question about sn pulls and deads. Is my goal to move as much weight as I can, or speed through the movement. My max snatch is 200 but I am getting sn pulls of 265+ up to about rib height and sn deads I hit 335 for 2. Look forward to any advice. Novice lifter by the way, jusyt starting following the site, do crossfit mainsite wod's and did power cleans duirng college.

we do sn pull for speed thru the middle. we want everything but the snatch....the pull, the position the speed the finish....just not the snatch. because of that it means that we use about 90-100% of our best snatch. the sn deadlift is taken on with the same enthusiasm. we want about 20-maybe 30 kg more than the snatch.....i do not do this for basic strength....i do this exercise for strength in the position off the ground to mid thigh....i might even pause at mid thigh.....if i maintain position with a heavy wt. its ok to go up....but i would be very careful with this.....10-30 kg more than i snatch will make that sn off the ground feel very light......that is a good thing.

good luck and let me know how it goes.

coach b