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Coach Burgener,
I was wondering if you know of a good place to purchse the wooden box platforms I see in pictures a lot. I'd was thinking of using them to put the barbell in different starting positions. I think I can use this to practice some elements of my lifts I'm weak in. Also do you know a good resource to find Olympic lifting coaches internationally? I'm in the military and live in Japan, the base doesn't have any coaches at the gym.

P.S. I love my B&R Bar, you've helped make a great product.


i think you are talking about pulling blocks. generally speaking from most of the gyms i went to back in the day, we made them. you made a base layer that hits right below the knees....then start stacking blocks taking the bar up to the pocket area at the highest.

you can contact that is the international weightlifting federation and they might know who is available in your area. i know the yosibo miayke is a big name in japan and depending where you are he might be available.

good luck!!