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Hi Coach
I want to take the xfit oly cert next time you're in Canada. however, I see the site doesn't say anything about pre requisites for the course. Do you have any pre reqs? such as min/max weight, etc? I've only been in CF 6 months but totally LOVE oly wlifting. I want to be the best i can at it. I am 5'1'' and 130lbs (59 kg) from 72kg and still losing weight and BF. I have my max stats if you need them.

Thanks for your input.

no pre reqs....but the course is geared towards teaching coaches/teachers how to teach their clients or students. the bi-product of that is the teacher learns how to become a good lifter as well.

stephan rochet will be in canada, alberta, in jan 2011 to teach my methods.

glad you are having fun. keep up the good work.