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Hi Mr. Burgener,

I recently fell in love with Olympic Lifting and have been training more and more in snatch, c&j, overhead squats, front squats and back squats. Everything has been fine and I've been progressing quite a bit until the last few weeks. The snatch feels good but for some reason the clean and jerk is causing me discomfort/some pain in the backs of my shoulders even without a heavy load. I think it's mostly the jerk/overhead movement that's affecting me negatively. I've booked a few massages for this week to see if that helps. Is this something you come across often? Any suggestions on stretching/recovery?

I would appreciate any advice you might have!



mr burgener was my dad! i am coach b. lol....hope you understand.

relax....the shoulders before the jerk....relax the hands. take a couple of video's for me and i will eval and let you know what i think.

coach b