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Good evening Coach. My question is in regards to purchasing a good bar. I am an avid crossfitter, and have been practicing the O lifts at my gym for approximately 6 months (following your WOD's as best as I can depending on my work schedule). I have finally saved some money to purchase a new bar and bumper set. Question: I have narrowed down to a couple bars. The Pendlay Nexgen bearing and the B&R bar. The Pendlay is 28mm and obviously meant fr the Olympic lifts. It will basically drain my funding for the new equipment. The B&R bar comes in at almost half the price, but as you of all people know it is 29mm and much stiffer. Will this extra stiffness and diameter size in the B&R bar hinder or have any negative impact on my progression? I will be using which ever bar I purchase for slow and fast/olympic lifts until I can afford to buy both. Do you have any experience with both bars? Thanks for your time.

i would contact rogue fitness and bill henniger and ask him what he thinks. i know bill is a good guy and very professional and will lead you in the right direction. i have the b and r bar and has done really good for me at my gym. do not have the pendlay bar and will not comment on that one.

good luck and if i can be of more assistance, just let me know.

coach b