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Coach Burgener,

My name is Will Otto and have been wanting to start competing in olympic weightlifting but do not know where or what to do. I live in Newport Beach California and work at a sport performance center in Lake Forest California as well as am finishing up my masters degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in performance enhancement. From what I understand just by looking at your website, I see you are located in Bonsall California. Is there anyone you would recommend to get in contact with up around orange county? I'll even drive down to where you are if need be. I would just like to talk to someone to get the ball started rolling and see if there is a chance for me to compete. I have a deep passion for olympic weightlifting that has stemmed even all the way back to my playing days of football at Nebraska. Thank you for your time in reading this.

contact max mariomount at: Maximilian Mormont max is one hell of a coach. he coaches at crossfit balboa. you can always come down this way on weekends if you want. we train on saturdays when i am in the area at 1000 or so....and mon-thur from 1700 hrs.

good luck and let me know if there is anything else i can help you with.

coach b