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On 2 pos cleans are you supposed to do a full clean then immediately let the bar down from the clavicles and do a full clean from the knees or do do a full clean then set the bar down then pick the bar back up immediately then do a full clean from the knees? I ask this because I was doing them the first way mentioned and on the clean from the knees I would have to use a normal grip, instead of a hook grip, resulting with the bar not being secure in my hands causing me to miss reps which is fustrating. If not is there a technique to regrip into a hookgrip after unracking from the first clean?

when one does a 2 pos clean or 2 pos snatch they can either do 1 of 2 ways. first i recommend to do the first rep from the floor....then take the bar and then clean it from the mid thigh hang. that is 2 pos. 1 rep at each position. a 3 pos lift would be 1 from the floor, 1 from below knee, 1 from mid thigh.

hope this helps.

coach b