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What is the advantage to using spin lock collars. Why does the "spin" component not clamp the collar tighter to the bar? From what I can tell, the hand tightener on the collar does the work and the spin lock provides no additional grip. I use a pendley bar; will the werksan training clamps be compatable?

we never use collars at mikes gym. takes too much time to put them just laziness. however having said that regular colars add 2.5 kg to each side of the bar. 5 kg total. in competitions they want the safety of the wts sliding off and of course the additional weight. so when loading one must always use the collarswhen adding weight.

soooooo for me personally i would use the spring clamps....they are cheaper and will prevent the weight from sliding off the ends on very high humidity days.

hope this helps,

coach b