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Sorry for so many questions.
i weigh 113kg and only squat 120kg x 1 deep, im at around 15-18% bodyfats, when people see me they think im much stronger, but there some light people that squat more than me, which one of your routines would you recommend of yours to help bring my squat up to match my size.

you are probably tall. tall people are challenged when they squat, but nevertheless working hard and training smartly the squat can help. try all kinds of programs and see which works best for you. the russian squat routine (google it) works well. i like the hatch program that i have on my site. i also like working 10 sets x 3 reps with the same weight starting at 70-75% and moving up 3 % per week until i get to 90% or so and then going to 10 x 2 reps. on this program we work bs heavy on day 1 and fs light on day 2 which is thur or so we work fs heavy and bs light....yes both in the same day.