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Thanks for all your hard work and the time you spend to answer these questions.
As a strength & conditioning coach, I try to assign training loads based off their more primary lifts (e.g. Front Squat max ~80% of Back Squat max, Push Press max ~65-70% of Bench Press max).

Where would you ballpark %maxes for:

Power Clean % of Full Clean? (higher pull = lower wt)
Push Jerk % of Split Jerk?
RDL % of Clean or Squat?
Snatch % of Clean?

Thanks again coach.

here is the deal.....the strength exercises you can pretty much get by with assigning % of one vs the max of another....they are slow and strong.......but the neuromuscular lifts are much different.....however having said that i normally take 80% of the cln and use that as my 100% pwr cln....same as snatch and pwr snatch. however this is not always the case....son casey can clean 224 and can only pwr cln about 160 or so. the russians would say that the pc should be about 200 or can see that 80% here is 179....2 different people. the push jerk is the same thing....really depends on the individual.....that is why i test in all of these exercises and use that as the max. in the rdl i really do not max but do lift heavy. each individual is different and handles these lifts and their comparisons in different and unique to them way.

call me if you want additional information and or you want to discuss some of this stuff. very interesting topic. 760-535-1835

coach b