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Hi Coach. I am having some problems on my front squats and can't seem to pinpoint the issue. I have the bar on my clavical, elbows high, and my ass to the ground when I squat. When I am coming up, my elbows are still high but it feels as if my body is coming forward and my stomach is buckling in, and I get a quick pain to the right and left of my lower back (lowest part of the lat to be precise). I still take a deep breath on the way down and blow it out on the way up. Does it matter that I don't have Olympic weight lifting shoes yet? Or am I somehow using my lower back too much? I would greatly appreciate your advice, thank you.

p.s. Do you allow anyone to train at your gym? (meaning anyone not competing on a national level, or a beginner such as myself )

sounds like your flex in the ankles, knees and hips is lacking if your back is buckling in. also you might need to do more work on upper body core....stretch the heck out of that low back and keep it flexible along with ankles knees hips......

sure....anyone can train at mikes gym.