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Hi Coach,

I wondered if you've had beginners over the years who lose their balance with weights overhead. I've seen it a number of times now (most recently yesterday) and wondered if there is something I need to work on more with the younger lifters that would prevent this. Do I need to do a more gradual progression? I generally spend 1-2 weeks on a stick, then a week on the bar. If that looks solid, we add a little week by week as they look solid with the current weights. I try to strike a balance between caution and their desire to get cranking. We do talk a lot about jumping and landing (planting the feet), "reaching," torso alignment, and weight centered in the hip.

In short, is this a common problem with beginners, or do I need to look more closely at where the problem is coming from?
Thanks for your help.

Tim Fox

beginners can have balance issues.....if they are not use to the bottom position of the reason i use the burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises with pvc pipe is the gradual progression for the snatch. the other thing is that the more time they spend on the bar they become more comfortable.