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In highschool I used to compete. I used to lift everyday, mainly olympic lifts. I had to stop after my sophmore year because I tore a muscle in my shoulder. I am just starting to do some more olympic lifts. In high school though I never really gained that much weight though. I was wondering if I follow your wod's and tried to eat more peanut butter sandwiches and other foods would I gain good weight. Or would I have o do other stuff too?

i would check into the zone diet and or the paleo diet. also robb wolfe of www.crossfitnocal. com is a great resource. robb knows exactly what is going on nutritionally. if you go to you can learn all you want to learn on their nutrition forum. for me and what i tell my oly lifters who are trying to gain weight is that they need to eat everything but the kitchen sink. peanut butter and whole milk in the old days did the trick nicely.