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So Coach, I took a spill on my bike (Royal Enfield T-Bird 500) the other day and scraped up my right knee pretty good. There's no other tissue damage, and the bike is ok. However, deep knee bending is painful in that the skin stretches at the point of my road rash. What experience do you have with this? Will squats and pulls make it heal slower? Anything I can do to alleviate symptoms? Dip-drive is the only knee bending that doesn't hurt. And the pain isn't that bad, I just want to make sure it heals soon. Thx

i would work around the injury until the skin heals. put Vaseline on the scrap while exercising. let the knee heal...should only be a week or so. you will know when to come back. you can do heavy shrugs off a rack or pulling blocks....or even db work....presses etc. work back and abs, chins etc, etc, then you will be back in no time.