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I have just started competing in powerlifting (2 competitions). I like it a lot, and I've also become intrigued by OL. Couldn't stop watching it during the Beijing Games and tried to keep up online, even though I'd never heard of any of the athletes. Anyway, is it possible to be good at both at the same time? If so, what kind of program would you advise? Train for both at the same time (like general off-season), or train for one or the other depending on your next meet? If it helps, I'm 32 y.o. and compete as a 198lb. Best lifts are sq = 500, bp = 280, dl =512. Did a c&p of 215lb 2 1/2 yrs. ago at a weight of 183, that's the extent of my OL training. Thanks for any wisdom you share.

we use strength cycles....the power lifts....and we also during those cycles use technique for the lifts. going very light!!!! you can incorporate both lifts into a cycle easily and get good benefits.