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Hi Coach,

I hope your knee is healing nicely and you are able to get on the Harley soon. Do you feel your knee problems were a result of Oly Lifting for so many years? If so, what would have done differently to prevent a total knee replacement? Thanks and take care.


in 1966 while a student and athlete at the u. of notre dame i injured the knee during fb practice. they told me i would never play again......i proved them wrong and played the next season, my sr. season, but i did injure the knee during the iowa game. that was really why the knee needed to be replaced as back then the cartilage was removed and ligaments repaired...... after 10 yrs in the usmc jumping out of air planes and ground pounding it as an infantry officer the knee took its toll. i waited a very long time to have it replaced..... should have done it years ago. today's surgeons would never have repaired my knee the way the "old school" protocol dictated.

i found that the oly lifting as well as a fitness attitude gave me longevity with the knee. the knee was valgus but in reality i did not feel much pain.