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I've got the Oly lifting bug. Just competed in a small meet in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Regis Becker ran the meet, was held at the Pittsburgh Barbell Club training facility. Only 6 guys, I snatched (power snatched) 45, C/J for 55, lame but just really lifting two months.

I train with Regis on Saturdays, Snatch, Cleans, finish with front squats. I train with Lou DeMarco on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays in Cortland Ohio. He's a legend in Ohio, and I think in the country, as he's been involved in the sport since early 70's. Think competed on National team, personal friends(close) with Tommy Kono. Start with F/S, SN end with CJ.

Since I'm 54, 55 next year, Regis says I have a good shot at placing at the meets(Oly lifting has small following, sad but true). I know you have got involved more with Oly lifting, looking for suggestions to improve, grow, both in technique and strength.

I will be at the your seminar in Ann Arbor, then Everett’s in DC, then with you again in March, so I'm done for a while on seminars, but would consider taking a few days to go to train with a coach. I'd go to NY next month to the Lost Battalion meet, but since I'm still lifting really light and technique leaves much room for improvement, going to pass until our Pittsburgh meet in January.

Any and all advice, tips, suggestions appreciated. I'm in the 77kg class, presently weight 73kg, can't cut to 69, so I'm good where I'm at.

BTW, I do the CF WOD M-F, have been since March, follow a Paleo diet, track all food intake via Fitday.

Thanks Mike

you will get a good base of what is correct tech at the seminars. personally i would live with lou demarco if i could. the man knows what is going on. he is a very good friend of mine and i have all the respect in the world for lou.

keep in touch and let me hear from you. i will see you in detroit....make sure you remind me of your situation.