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Hi Coach! I found your site a while ago when surfing. I am a powerlifter from Sweden who search for more knowledge on how to increase my strength. Since your site have provided me with many insightful tidbits and thoughts, of which I am very thankful, I would like to adress a question to you. I would like to know your opinion about a "Bulgarian" type of training for the three powerlifts. Good idea or not...? Would you suggest some modifications or...? I know this is foremost an OL site and there are some differencies between the two sports, I would be very grateful if you will reply to these thougts. I may mention that I have been lifting for 30+ years now (48 years old). Since injuring myself some years ago I have to resort to "slower" lifts (which I find very sad) and therefore mostly been doing the powerlifts. As I said, I would very much appreciate any tips and advice from you. Thanks a lot in advance! Dan

dan, since i do not really use the bulgarian approach in my strength aspects of training my kids, i would probably not wander into the bulgarian approach with power lifting. if i were a power lifter i would seek out louie simmons of westside barbell. louie is probably the best there is in power lifting least in my opinion. neuromuscular training is different than strength training so to speak. i use the bugarian approach because in reality the volume as well as the load are much less even though the weights are heavier in single reps. my kids recover quicker than when we use load training. hope this helps. do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions and concerns. coach b