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Im trying to gain lots of weight for next years football season. i am a TE and right now weighing at 190lbs and 6' 3" but want 2 get to 225lbs. i am eating a ton of food and constantly drinking protein shakes about 3 or 4 a day and i lift about 5 times a week. now i know a lot has 2 do with genetics and my father played Div 1 football and weigh but i just cant seem 2 gain any you have any ideas???

don't try to put it on all at once.....but in reality when i have kids like you i ask them to keep a food journal for 1 wk to 10 days. everything and i mean everything that goes in your mouth needs to be written down. portion, amount of food, what was it....everything!!!!

on the other side, coconut milk, whole milk in the protein shakes.....what are you putting in the shakes....what protein....when during the day.......i use to have my son casey get up....actually i had to get him up at 0200 in the am and give him a 1100 cal drink. he gained wt.

let me know how you are doing...and if you want to contact me and talk about journal i would be glad to speak with you. 760 535 1835 is my cell.

coach b