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Hello Coach,
Wanted to ask you a question about knees.
I have focused on the lifts for well over six months now...nothing else, not even any type of active recovery days. I have managed to get relativley strong in a short amount of time with heavy squats and lots of reps on the lifts.
Both of my kneees are popping (no grinding) and to me it feels like the patellar tendon, but after a month it is beginning to hurt . I have hit the foam roller with no real relief. Used ice as well.
Wondered if it might be b/c of a lack of lateral movement which I certainly was used to before taking up the lifts... enjoyed more of a crossfit type of workout regiment before. No add/abductor work to speak of any more (although I had thought that I would be getting enough with the lifts/squats/etc.)/
I had been wearing the TK Bands, but removed them when I realized that it was less painful to squat without them.
Do you think it might be tracking issue or simply an overuse thing?

P.S. Thank you for putting out your newsletter...I look foward to it each and every time!

first off thanks for the comments. knees....gotta love em, but you gotta take care of them. i would say that much of what you describe is overuse. have you used the hatch squat program that i have on my site? in addition i would go to an ice plunge type of recovery on the knees rather than plain ice if you can. if not i would take time off the squats....only do power movements for a while and see if they get better. it sounds like you have lots of inflamation in the area....if that is the case i would take a heavy does of advil for a week to 10 days and see if that helps. with my kids we do lots of pool work after workouts....also in the winter i make them go to the pool after each workout for the ice plunge....up to 10-20 minutes in the pool.....48 degrees!!!

are you doing anything for your hamstrings??

hope this helps....let me know and keep in touch, coach b